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Procurement Process and Practice Harmonization in Support of Field Operations

The High-Level Committee on Management Procurement Network is undertaking the project Procurement Process and Practice Harmonization in Support of Field Operations (the Harmonization Project). The project works under the HLCM PN’s Working Group Harmonization which consists of members from over fifteen organizations of the UN system, representing more than 95% of the procurement spend of the entire UN system.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Create a common framework for harmonization of procurement related regulations, rules, policies, procedures and business practices;
  • Document and include country level outcomes and best practices in collaboration with the UNDG Task Team on Common Services and procurement in (selected) countries; and
  • Develop a standardized toolkit for country level procurement practitioners taking into account the best practices, needs and insights from the country level.

The main benefits from this project and the subsequent roll-out of the outputs of the project are expected to be:

  • A framework for greater harmonization in UN agencies’ regulations, rules, policies and procedures governing procurement and supply chain management will contribute to effectiveness and efficiency gains in common UN procurement at both headquarter and country levels;
  • A toolkit for country level procurement practitioners will enable increased collaboration with clear division of labour among UN organizations ‘Delivering as One’ with respect to agreed common UN procurement spend;
  • A framework and toolkit for country level practitioners, as approved by the HLCN PN, will also enable the progressive development of harmonized headquarter level procurement policies and guidelines among the PN members.

The purpose of this site is to share and publish the results of the work of the Working Group and the Harmonization Project with UN procurement practitioners both at the headquarters and country level. This site is also being used to launch the second edition of the document ‘Common UN Procurement at the Country Level’ (previously the Guidelines for Harmonized UN procurement at the Country Level). You can access the published results of the project through the boxes underneath. If you would like to learn more about the work of the Harmonization Working Group and the Harmonization Project, you may also contact the Working Group Chair or the HLCM PN Secretariat:

Eric Dupont
Chair WG Harmonization
UNFPA, Copenhagen
Kerry Kassow
HLCM Procurement Network Secretariat