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06-05-201031-12-2013UNDPUNDP-TUR-CS(SEC)-LTA10/01Provision of security services to UN HouseTurkey
30-09-201315-11-2013ILOITB N° 40-2013Supply and Installation of manually operated mobile shelving system for the ILO LibrarySwitzerland
15-11-201315-11-2013ILOITB N°58/2013Supply of furniture for the ILO Library at Headquarters (R2 South)Switzerland
11-11-201312-11-2013UNFPAUNFPA/TUR/13/002HYGIENE KITSTurkey
11-11-201311-11-2013ITUBC 310643Provision of Equipment for Connect Schools in PalestinePalestinian Territory, Occupied
01-10-201311-11-2013UNESCORFP/PNFL MINEDUC CHILE/2013Data gathering on reading comprehension on narrative texts and vocabularyChile
31-10-201311-11-2013UNESCOMSS/B/1310/JVZ - CordistesRéalisation de travaux acrobatiques exécutés par des société spécialisées (‘cordistes’ ) dans le cadFrance
11-11-201311-11-2013ILORFP N° 60/2013Employment Impact of Infrastructure Development in Three Mediterranean Partner Countries of the EIBSwitzerland
16-08-201311-11-2013ILORFP N°38/2013Graphical redesign of the ILO public websiteSwitzerland
25-10-201305-11-2013UNDPLEB/CO RFP/55/13Preparation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Lebanon’s Renewable Energy SectorLebanon
05-11-201304-11-2013UNFPA UNFPA/CPH/EITB/13/017 (Hygiene kit for Syria)Emergency ITB for Dignity KitSyrian Arab Republic
01-11-201304-11-2013UNFPARFP/SLE/2013/07/01Consultancy for CBA of Sierra Leone Family Planning ProgrammeSierra Leone
01-11-201301-11-2013UNFPARFP UNFPA/DNK/13/31Capacity Building with National Institutions - Niger PilotNiger
01-11-201301-11-2013UNFPARFP UNFPA/DNK/13/31Capacity Development with National Academic Institutions - Pilot ProjectDenmark
18-10-201331-10-2013IAEARFP No. 21004-RSDevelopment of Safety Case and Safety Assessment of Planned Management of DSRS in Selected Countries 
31-10-201331-10-2013ILORFP N° 21/2013 RFP N° 21/2013 Fourniture d'accès à internet au bureau de l'OIT à BamakoMali
30-10-201330-10-2013ILORFP N° 10/2013RFP N° 10/2013 Fourniture d'accès à internet au Bureau de pays de l'OIT à AbidjanCote d'Ivoire
28-10-201328-10-2013IFADIFAD/2013/010/RFPTemporary Structure and Event Technology ServicesItaly
24-10-201324-10-2013UNICEFRFPS-USA-2013-501693Consultancy services for UNICEF Two extensible, interoperable Web browser-based applications used to gather and manage data on populations deemed vulnerable in armed conflict and post-disaster situatiUnited States of America
30-08-201309-10-2013UNFPALTA 13-360 Unidus CorporationMale Condoms 
07-10-201307-10-2013ITUPROC-B-1022-13-SPDAudit des mesures opérationnelles de sécuritéSwitzerland
09-09-201330-09-2013UNFPARFQ/PSB/13/025Printing services for Census in GuineaGuinea
30-09-201330-09-2013UNFPALTA NO. 01/FPALTA for Dignity Kits and Hygiene KitsPhilippines
26-09-201326-09-2013WIPOPTD/13/072Refroidissements complémentaires nouveau bâtimentSwitzerland
25-09-201324-09-2013UNFPAINT23In-tend Support Test 23 (Do Not Use)United States of America