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Step 1: Creation of your UNGM Account

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The acceptance of UNGM applications is merely an acknowledgement that an application has been received by a UN organization. This DOES NOT mean that a UN organization necessarily approves the use of that company, nor does it mean that the particular UN organization endorses the use of any specific products of that company. Dependent upon products to be purchased companies may have to meet specific requirements (as set out by the various agencies). These requirements could be at both the company level and at the product level. As an example vaccines, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals requires pre-qualification against applicable WHO guidelines of the products as well as the manufacturing site(s). This pre-qualification is not included in the scope of UNGM.

No guarantees

It is important to note that registering on the UN Global Marketplace does not guarantee that your company will be invited to participate in UN tender opportunities. The UN Global Marketplace Secretariat recommends that you check tender opportunities regularly. Please refer to the Notices tab found under Suppliers in the top menu bar.

Zero tolerance policy

Please note that United Nations agencies participating in the UN Global Marketplace strictly enforces a policy of zero tolerance concerning unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent acts of UN contractors. Accordingly, any registered company that is found to have undertaken unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent activities will be suspended or forbidden from continuing business relations with the United Nations.